Salon2 – 026 “CBD and Bluebird Botanicals”


Guest speakers: Kevin Leibrock and Michael Harinen


Year this lecture was recorded: 2017

Kevin Liebrock and Michael Harinen from Bluebird Botanicals tell us about their work producing high quality CBD oil that can be shipped to all fifty U.S. states. They answer some of the most commonly asked questions that people have about CBD. They also explain the process of producing whole plant extracts from Colorado hemp and discuss the ongoing involvement of the FDA, DEA and the Department of Agriculture in the cannabis industry.


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  1. Thanks for the comment. That’s a good point. I get so wrapped up in this world that I forget to go over the mountains of data. Here’s one of the best articles I ever wrote. It collects from many fields of evidence to prove that you should talk to your grandparents about pot:

    I also was thinking that I could sometime do a lecture on the Salon about the endocannabinoid system – but then I get a little nervous about grabbing the microphone after only 25 shows.

  2. This would have been much more effective if the listener was presented with what are the medical observations, health hypotheses and data yielding research into these hypotheses in regard to hemp oil and CBD. If you already have to know what is being talked about in a radio broadcast, a key component is missing. I know only a very little about this so I will try to find out more, but…
    I did appreciate the evident determination to have high standards and to work with the regulators in a positive way. That can only be good for this industry. I also enjoyed hearing the details of processing. Maybe if Lex could put some links on the Salon to some of the best information on the potential benefits of this product for those who aren’t following medical cannabis story.

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