Salon2 016 – “Psychedelic Stories from Victoria”



Date this lecture was recorded: May 3, 2017

For convincing your relatives about the power of MDMA, have them listen to the first story in this episode and then read this article where Oprah’s senior editor reports on the healing and then tries it herself: Inside the Investigation: Can MDMA Heal Psychological Trauma?


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  1. I hear you Bob. Thanks for the feedback.

    It’s always a hard mix between featuring stories that are unique and the actual spinning of the tale. As a wise old lady said to me, “Often the voices that we most need to hear, don’t speak in the way that we like to hear from.”

    But I think you’re right about making it a tighter ship. I think we might start releasing stories on Thursdays on a more “voice of the people” kind of broadcast. A few stories. Or reportage from an old head I meet on the road with something to say. & other more experimental content drawn from suggestions of the community.

    That will leave the Monday broadcast to be more polished interviews with wise elders & movers & shakers.

    Thanks for reaching out.
    – lex

  2. i love the idea that was mentioned on an earlier podcast how the 2.0 movement is allowing voices of the people to be heard rather than a select group of professionals. however, i wish there was some more thorough of a vetting process being done.

    the reason i say this is that the girl in the 2nd story didn’t seem to be capable of publically speaking. her story, however interesting it may have been was just littered with so many “like” fillers that it rendered it unlistenable.

    anyways thanks Lex. your efforts are much appreciated.

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