Salon2 011 – “Psychedelic Therapy for Veterans”


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Ian Benouis

Ian Benouis

Guest speaker: Ian Benouis

Date this lecture was recorded: May 2017

This week we talk with the veteran Ian Benouis who works to connect those who served with the plant medicines. He works with the Weed for Warriors project and the Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy.

You can see their project of taking 6 soldiers with PTSD to the Amazon for Ayahuasca in ‘Soldiers of the Vine’:

You can see him in the documentary ‘From Shock to Awe’ and on the Viceland episode ‘Stoned Vets’ and follow his blog, the Psychedelic Musalman.

“Ask the green plants of the earth & they’ll teach you.”
-Job 12:8

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  1. Thanks for this inspiring podcast. I think the relaxed conversational format worked ok on this podcast, although sometimes that could be taken a bit too far.

    Having said that, I do have a problem with the sound quality.

    The sound quality of this podcast is not good enough for me. The microphone sounds to be too far away or not faceing the person talking ( or the person not facing the mic ).

    I have some problems relating to that;

    I am unfamiliar with the specific vocabulary and content of his message
    English is not my first language ( and the person’s dialect is not familiar to me )
    I am listening to it in a room with it´s own acoustics so having “2 rooms” makes it more unclear to me.

    I use my brain to hear what he is saying leaving me with little mind power left for comprehension. If you know the person or the content of what that person is saying you do not notice it.. A person trying the hear something new will have less comprehension and probably a less positive opinion of what the speaker is saying.

    The importance of the message got me to listen all the way through but left me a bit frustrated.

  2. US Army helicopters sprayed Agent Orange defolient over the
    rainforests of South East Asia during the Vietnam war.

    US continues to encourage spraying Monsantos’ carcinogen herbicies on the coca plantations of South America.

    …and now Mama ‘huasca is being asked to heal their fucked up heads.

  3. Have you ever considered the fact, that Terence was a Maitreya Buddha? The implications of that a staggering

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