Salon2 010 – “Stories from Boulder, Colorado”

Lex Pelger on Psymposia's Blue Dot Tour

Lex Pelger on Psymposia’s Blue Dot Tour


Date these stories were recorded: April 15, 2017

Today’s podcast features the Psymposia Stories from Boulder, CO. A wide-range of people gathered under Naropa University to share their personal tales.


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  1. Much love to the salon and a good start to salon2.

    Might could use a tweak on your mic work as i’m having a real hard time hearing what your interviewees are saying. Mic them up!! Get that mic in front of the person talking and have them speak directly into it. There is no substitute.

    Even a cheap lavalier clipped to their lapel would sound better with much less room echo. Don’t have an external mic? Search amazon for “podcasting microphones” and you’ll get an overview in all price ranges. Jazz hands on the gargler will get you extensive reviews, guides etc.

    Lacking that, use an eyefone/antroid. Horrible audio, but if they’re speaking directly into the device, at least the speech will be intelligible.

    I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of Psychedelic Salon recordings. Many sourced from ancient crusty cassette tapes, plagued with audio print-thru, and ambient audio artifacts of their own… studiously cleaned up by Lozo in audacity (or whatever) but still pretty “rough” in the final production release. Even these, complete with Terrance’s preternatural sips of water, sound better that the 2017 Boulder recording session.

    I love the contemporary effort you’re making. Good info. Well informed in a situation where information about this and that are more available than ever before (and *you’re* helping making this happen!) Let’s get the tech boosted to 2017 as well and get the production values up to muster.

    Alternately, to avoid copyright dilution, Lorenezo could instead rename Psychedelic Salon2 to something like Psychedelic Saloon…. 🙂 Then it wouldn’t matter so much. Some episodes sound like crap, some are decent, some are interviews with altered characters, some w/players trying to work a scam on some someone or something. Like a bar; where sometimes it’s hard to hear with all the ambient racket.

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