Salon2 005 – “Psychoactive Drug Research”


Guest speaker: Dennis McKenna & Lex Pelger

Dennis McKenna

Dennis McKenna
Psychedelic Researcher


Lex talks with Dennis McKenna about the upcoming ESPD50 conference: the Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs 50th Anniversary Symposium
Lex also announces Psymposia’s first sale on Patreon & asks for your help to keep bringing people together online & offline. Perks include hemp Psymposia shirts, blotter art & print editions from Lex’s graphic novel series on the cannabinoids.
Psymposia’s contributions to the Psychedelic Salon 2.0 are hosted by Lex Pelger, engineered by Matt Payne, intro music made by Joey Whipp, outro music played by California Smile & this episode is produced by Brian Normand.


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  1. the background music for the intro is distracting ! Some kind of electro indian music
    certainly has its place, but its not right in this case. Still long live 2.0 and thanks Lorenzo for everything.

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