Salon2 001 – “Frequently Asked Questions About Salon2”


Guest speaker: LorenzoPsymposia's Blue-Dot Tour


This is the first of the Psychedelic Salon 2.0 podcasts. It is a very short program that answers the following questions:

1. How did the idea of Salon 2.0 come about?
2. Where did the ideas for how Salon2 will work come from?
3. How much input and control will Lorenzo have in selecting the new programs?
4. How do you provide feedback as to format (lectures, interviews, conversations), etc.
5. Psymposia’s Blue-Dot tour

Psymposia Blue-Dot Tour Information

Currently Scheduled Cities
4/06/17 Boston, MA
4/07/17 Philadelphia, PA
4/08/17 Lancaster, PA
4/09/17 Baltimore, MD
4/11/17 Athens, GA
4/13/17 Austin, TX
4/15/17 Boulder, CO
4/21-23/17 Psychedelic Science in Oakland, CA
4/26/17 Los Angeles, CA
4/27/17 San Diego, CA


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  1. Last Week I was searching for Rick Doblin MAPS presentations that lead me to a Psymposia video. The video is of Rick Doblin talking about an MDMA session he had at Big Sur. To hear that your teaming up with them feels like a big coincidence. Go Salon 2.0!

    Side note I’m wondering if you have any connection with the youtube channels- Deus Ex McKenna, and We Plants Are Happy Plants?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: As for YouTube, no, I don’t have any connection with anyone on YouTube.]

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