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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Art Bell

Art Bell


Today’s podcast features an interview that Terence McKenna did on the Art Bell radio program on March 19, 1998. This conversation begins with an interesting discussion of how Terence was living off the grid at the time, but it then proceeds to cover such topics as: Sandoz acid, technology, culture, artificial intelligence, aliens, UFOs, psychedelics, DMT, War on Drugs, television, coffee, politics. And this is only Part 1 of this interview.

[NOTE: The following quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“If you could build a DMT virtual reality, they would come!”

“I once heard politics in America described as a civil war in a leper colony.”


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  1. So nice to hear this with the commercials edited. Roy of Hollywood ran these unedited at the time. Terence’s talks are basic to who I am and seemingly more and more to what we all are. Thanks Lorenzo.

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