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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Mushroom Man - logo for the Palenque Norte Lectures

Mushroom Man
Logo for the Palenque Norte Lectures
Photo by Lorenzo


Date this lecture was recorded: June 24, 1989.

Today we continue with a workshop that Terence McKenna led at the Esalen Institute in June of 1989. Although he begins with an exploration of ideas surrounding the use of sound during psychedelic experiences, he also tells some great stories, including one of my favorites. I’d only heard it once before, and for me it’s the funniest story I’ve heard him tell, and this is a new version that you won’t want to miss. Additionally, this may be one of the earliest talks in which Terence addressed the issue of global climate change. Also, for the first time I remember hearing it, Terence talks about his ideas concerning the concept of exo-pheromones.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Language is sound that stimulates ideas.”

“Interesting, the world wide reliance on sustained tone in spiritual exploration.”

“The ego is a neurotic response to separateness, and you cannot maintain your ego in the presence of strong hallucinogenic plant patterns of usage.”


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  1. I spend a fair amount of time looking at prehistoric human art. This is a faithful, probably graphite, image of the original Tassili rock art. Here is what I see: The human/ humanoid has become 2 interwoven/connected things – first a vector for mind changing psychedelic mushrooms which are perceived as revealing her/his body as a crosshatched energy network and are sprouting now from his body- and second as a bee. It is interesting that honey appears frequently as part of various psychedelic brews. In the bible there is a story of Samson( a longhair) killing a lion that attacks him and finding the next day honey coming from the lions side. Honey in the bible stories seems to refer to visionary states, and it says his eyes were opened.

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