Podcast 591 – “Understanding Chaos at History’s End” – Part 3


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Minoan Crete

Minoan Crete


Date this lecture was recorded: June 24, 1989.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Addiction to natural substances, with the exception of tobacco, is something you really have to work at.”

“There is something really insidious about synthetic drugs, about concentrating what is a vegetable essence, and very diffuse. Opium was no problem until morphine came along.”

“One of the things I think we have to disabuse ourselves of is that science knows anything about these things. The human studies were never done.”

“You may have the notion that we are a minority that feels this is important and there is a majority that feels that it’s unimportant. That isn’t the case. We are a minority who feels this is important, and there is a majority that knows nothing about it whatsoever, has no data, and no realization of what it is.”

“People such as ourselves, we are the cutting edge of neuro-psychopharmacology, because the content is the frontier, and these scientists know very little about it.”

“The official version of what can happen with these hallucinogens is very limited. There was never stress on content. The individual content of the psychedelic trip was treated like the ravings of a psychotic. In other words, it was never examined from the point of view that this person might be a reliable witness.”

“What does it mean that the most powerful of all hallucinogens occurs naturally in the human brain? What does it mean that the most powerful of all natural hallucinogens is the shortest acting?”


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  1. Cheers Lorenzo , thanks for posting this, had some stuff I hadn’t heard Terence talk about including the toy animals and the Romantic opium smokers, weirdly I hadn’t connected the two before, despite doing an English degree in which we studied the Romantics – guess the university hasn’t got round to putting two and two together yet!

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