Podcast 701 – Return of the Timewave


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Among other things, Terence McKenna talks here about several books that now seem to have been forgotten. And then there is his story about his brother’s vision of bonding psychedelics with our DNA to launch a permanent trip “on the natch”. The Timewave makes an appearance also. All-in-all, it’s a fun ride from a young Terence McKenna.

Had you taken Terence’s advice and picked up a remainder copy of the Codex Seraphinianus for $19, that would bring you about $600 today. Not bad advice, I’d say.

Codex seraphinianus Hardcover – January 1, 1983 ($650)

It may be hard to do, but if you take yourself back to 1988, where you didn’t know what would happen in 2000 or 2012, you can see how appealing the idea of the Timewave was back then. …. he admits that he was “hearing voices” … but, nonetheless, when he goes into his poetic description of the Timewave it seems to me that there is still something about the nature of time that remains undiscovered.

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  1. I think the solutions change in time too. A ricochet comes from a different angle and gives off a distorted view

  2. Such caring and insightful comments Lorenzo. Gracias. Little did Terence know you would become such an important and loving caretaker of his time and work.

    You’ve mentioned his “strange thoughts” a couple times over the years but personally I’ve never found anything he said to be strange. Although I’ve had no interest in Timewave, I think if any of us had heard the voices Terence heard and gained the insights that came to him, we might account them interesting and original yes . . . .but not so strange.

    We’ve heard him several times state that the 2012 concresence wasn’t something he was wedded to in any life or death fashion. I’ve heard him advise others “don’t take any of this seriously, I don’t.” We know from his encyclopedic study of history that he was given insights into the mysteries of time, however it seemed clear (at least to me) he knew his Timewave thoughts were not “written in adamantine”. He made the core point over and over that everything was “provisional” and to give a wide berth to anything that smacked of ideology. He knew at best he was mapping small territories within an unknowable expanse.

    What a pleasure it is, listening to him recount his explorations. We (me and so many others around the planet surely) are greatly anticipating the new tapes you mention.

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