Podcast 698 – Uncomfortable About Psychedelics?


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Today begins our 20th year of podcasting from the Psychedelic Salon with a talk that Terence McKenna gave in the late 1980s. Near the end he talks about his daily cannabis use and how he and Kat got together. As far as I can remember, this is his only time that he got so personal.

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  1. From 25 minutes on . . . essential McKenna! Wondeful choice Lorenzo, extractions too.

    We’ve heard some of it before and much of it perhaps never. Certainly never as fresh sounding as this Could this be a compilation, someone having picked the choicest parts from the choicest tapes and carefully matched the segments? Beautifully done, if so.

    It’s been a while since I laughed out loud. I’ve been enjoying his voice since early 80’s with True Hallucinations and an LA appearance “Imagination In the Light of Nature.” But before that . . . via Roy of Hollywood KPFK “Somethin’s Happening” all night shows. Roy of Hollywood (Roy Tuchman) informed all of Southern and some of Central California of Terence and Dennis. Roy did more to promote Terence and Lux Natura than any other single person. Roy died not long ago. Talk about raising the IQ of an entire geographic area, LA at the center. LA needs to have a “Roy & Diane Tuchman Day.”

    “It is he only thing I’m SURE is real.”
    I heard him say once that Lebanese Red is the “cleanest” hash.
    “like frowns of disapproval falling . . . like
    clods falling upon the coffin lid.”
    “There are doorways in Nature into other dimensions.”

    ” . . .inculcated into a dead 2000 year old utterly dead religon.”

    “It is not necessary to name it in order to grapple with it.”

    Rishis, Roshis, Guru’s . . . “Still spinning the bicycle wheel . . . ”

    “They” need to view us as an atomic system – as interchangeable small parts, because that’s the perfect kind of customer.

    Actually, we are . . .
    ” . . . Tiny, frail buds off the main body of the Fractal Mystery.”
    Listen to that guy’s question at 21.0!!
    “Mombasa black ganja” is a bit of an overstatement, but he then only 21. Kenya bud is nothing special, but better than nothing. It’s probably being cultivated by now but as of 1999, it wasn’t. Except perhaps here and there.

    Describing parking himself in his Hawaiian forest for five hours a day with just his mind and bag of dope (the nicest pakalolo on the planet, raised on rainbows) . . . “just to sit and think”. All the while keeping a book or two nearby in case someone rambles by and needs to find a reason for finding him there. Hes a true hermit with a wonderful mind.

    At 30 minutes he presents an Elon Musk description. I’ve heard Elon say things that could have come directly out of Terence’s mouth.

  2. Hi Lorenzo, thanks for posting these for the last 20 years or so, I must have been listening for at least 11 of them, and despite what anyone says hearing your introduction and life updates is still one of my favourite and most reassuring parts of the Psychedelic Salon. Thanks for all the great listens over the years and am glad to hear the new run of episodes after the break, keep up the good work.

  3. Seems I recall that Tim Leary said something that Terence … well … sort of seized on as passing the torch of psychedelic leadership from Tim to Terence.

    Did Terence ever anoint someone to take his place?

    FROM LORENZO: I don’t think that anyone could take his place. But if there is someone like that, my guess is that s/he is now in their 20s.

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