Podcast 696 – Ayahuasca Use in the Amazon


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Guest speaker: Charles Grob


Charlie Grob and Lorenzo (circa: 2012)

Today we feature a talk that Dr. Charles Grob gave at the 1994 Transpersonal Association Conference in Killarny, Ireland. The focus of this talk concerns Dr. Grob’s work with ayahuasca users in Brazil.

As far as I know, this was the first government approved human study of the physiological effects of ayahuasca on humans. This study compared 15 long-term ayahuasca drinkers with healthy individuals and found that UDV members had lower levels of anxiety and many had overcome alcohol abuse.

Another study by Grob and Dartiu Xavier Silveira compared 40 adolescent ayahuasca drinkers with non-drinkers. The research showed positive outcomes, such as reduced alcohol consumption among UDV teenagers and improved mood, self-acceptance, and interpersonal relationships in participants. These studies contributed to understanding the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca

ARCHIVE of Dr. Charles Grob on the Psychedelic Salon

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