Podcast 690 – Terence McKenna at Esalen June 1984


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Esalen Institute near Big Sur, California

Although he first appeared at Esalen in the early 1970s, this may be the earliest recording of a Terence McKenna workshop there. It is from June of 1984.

I think this is Terence’s best and most clearly detailed description of the psychedelic experience. And that is why I’m repodcasting it now, rather than refer you to a podcast that I first published in April of 2014.Among other little gem in this talk where Terence said that of all the people he’d given DMT to over many years, only FOUR of them reported an experience like the ones he described. And then, he admitted that, and I quote: “every single one of them had been primed by me.”

Podcast 396 – “A Freely Evolving Topology of Light & Sound”

(This is the first podcast of this talk.
(The title on the cassette is Mind, Molecules and Magic)

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  1. I would love to reach out and work with you running a podcast. I have many experiences to share, been using this as inner work since 4th grade. Some of my experiences I know should be recorded and talked about. I was just about to start my own podcast if you ever want to work together please reach out!!! You will start to see content from solluna farms here in a bit!! Thanks for posting this new Terrance content!
    Solluna Mushroom Farm

  2. Dear Lorenzo,
    it is high time that I express my gratitude for your dedicated work to make so many great talks available and for strengthening the global psychedelic community.

    I have listened to your podcasts more or less from the beginning when I was still in “the psychedelic closet” and it gave me a sense of belonging that I treasure very much.

    Now I am a part of a growing psychedelic society in Denmark and we are sharing our greatest inspirations – it is a joy for me to be able to link to your podcast so others can dive into your treasure trove of material!

    Best regards,

    COMMENT by Lorenzo: Your kind words bring a smile to my face. We’re all in this together, you know.

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