Podcast 686 – Chaotic Attractors


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Guest speakers: Ralph Abraham and Terence McKenna


Today’s program features a 1985 conversation between Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham that took place at the Esalen Institute near Big Sur, California.

Their conversation centers on the science of chaotic attractors and models of their actions. While mathematicians will more fully understand some of these concepts, Ralph has a way of explaining them so we can all grok what he explains.

The concept of using mathematical models for things like tracking hurricanes is common to most of us, ideas about modeling society may be new to many of us, and exciting as well. If ever there was a time to project the track of our culture’s future, this is it.

Ralph Abraham’s recent book, Schims, is an excellent companion to this conversation.

Schism: The Madness of Crowds, Toxicity of Social Media, Social Polarization, and Political Violence; A Cybernetic Approach

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  1. This is the most animated . . . and the most interesting . . . that I’ve ever heard Ralph carry on.

    Really clear recording. Loving it on headphones.

  2. There is an interesting interview with Ralph that was done by the woman whose photo credit is above. In it, Ralph talks about the Hip Pocket Book Store as being one of the four most important places in Santa Cruz in the Sixties. The reason that I bring it up here is because the daughter of that famous book store is a regular in our live salons on Mondays and Thursdays. So we’ve been able to hear some first hand tales about this magical place.

    Here is where Ralph talks about it in his podcast interview:

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