Podcast 681 – Street Drugs Update


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Guest speakers: Annie Oak and Rachel Clark

Ann Shulgin (1933 – 2022) … photo by Jon Hanna


Today’s podcast features the first of a series of Palenque Norte Lectures that I’ll be podcasting over the next few months. And our guest speakers are Annie Oak and Rachel Clark.

Annie, among many other activities, is the managing edidor of Lucid.news. Her co-presenter is Rachel Clark whose column “Your Psychedelic Auntie” is featured in Lucid.news. Rachel also works with the DanceSafe Project and is one of the most up-to-date people I know of when it comes to psychedelic substances currently being widely used at festivals and other large events.

If you plan on attending an event at which you may be tempted to try something new, be sure to listen to what Rachel and Aannie are reporting.

Annie Oak is the founder of the Women’s Visionary Congress and co-founder of the nonprofit Women’s Visionary Council.

Lucid News

Your Psychedelic Auntie


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