Podcast 680 – The Importance of Psychedelics


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Guest speakers: Terence McKenna and Elizabeth Gips


This podcast is dedicated to long-time saloner MARJEAN McKENNA

This is a recording, from 1985, of an interview that Elizabeth Gips conducted with Terence McKenna at his home.

The interview begins, like most of the 1980s era McKenna interviews, with a detailed question about DMT, but Elizabeth quickly gets them on a more interesting track. And the reason that I say “more interesting” is because here in the salon we’ve already covered most of the nuts and bolts of various psychedelic experiences. It’s the reasons that draw us to these substances that I find to be the most interesting.

When choosing a new psychedelic experience, Terence suggests asking three questions about the substance you are considering: 1) does it have a shamanic history; 2) does it occure in the tissue of a plant or animal; and 3) does it bear a simularity with compounds in our brains.

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Gips, 1922–2001

Elizabeth Gips’ Obituary

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  1. Been art-directing too much for in Finnish. Switching to English mental monologue. Let’s see if a direct translation works – Don’t think what you are writing, write what you are thinking.
    Our Cyberspiritual Future Part 6 I think you understood it somewhat hokeyli back in the days, at least based on your commentary track. Perhaps your head was packed with knowledge from all the books you were writing?

  2. Hello. There is a YouTube channel called We Plants Are Happy Plants, and on November 16, 2014 they posted a video called “The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time (Terence McKenna Movie) FULL HD”. From 3:09:09 to 3:10:02, a clip is played of Terence McKenna speaking, and I would love to know where this specific clip is originally from. The only response to my comments on that channel has read, “almost all, if not all of their content comes from “The psychedelic salon” google it and find the podcast titled “The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time” …”. So here I am, but I do not see a podcast with this title. If anyone can help me find the source of this quote, it would be greaty appreciated. Thank you.

  3. The rule is
    Don’t trust in some dmt-vaping

    Like you said in.. in the valley of novelty part3 podcastn027

    I think

    But I also think in that particular podcast time-wave 0

    Shit. Have you looked to what Daniel Pinchbeck is doing..
    And I ask this bc i successfully withdrew myself from nicotine.

    One of the evenings i went all Daniel but that was in late 2017

  4. great to have you back Lorenzo, have missed my doses on McKenna and hearing your updates. I been a saloner here for a long while and this podcast has helped me through some tough times, and some varied times, everything from listening whilst delivering mail in the pouring rain/hot summers in Liverpool, whilst hitchhiking across the whole of France to having you on headphones whilst doing the back breaking work knocking almonds off trees in remotest Spain, it’s been a wild rise. Keep up the good work man!

  5. “Mrs. Gips died of pulmonary disease a condition she developed from decades of smoking cigarettes.”

    Amazing that she lived to 79! Her obituary says she did yoga and meditation and associated with interesting and evolved people so this is one more reminder that cigarettes are the most addictive drug on the planet. I went through the quitting process in the mid-80’s after smoking for 25 years. I’ve tried all the common drugs, including the opiates (never anything that involved needles), and cigarettes are not only the worst but are also the most difficult to get rid of. As long as cigarettes remain legal and even socially acceptable in some parts of the U.S., any laws that ban the less destructive drugs while overlooking this most evil of substances, trumpet to all the world just how hypocritical and foolish are our drug laws. It is no mystery why they are not respected nor adhered to. They benefit only the screwheads.

    A full and interesting life she lived, in reading her obituary. Living in Nevada City she surely was friends with a folkhero who I knew, Utah Phillips.

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