Podcast 679 – The Psilocybin Connection


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Guest speaker: Jahan Khamsehzadeh


Today’s podcast features a conversation with author Jahan Khamsehzadeh, whose recent book, The Psilocybin Connection, is a significant addition to our understanding of how psychedelic substances have aided humans throughout history and how they continue to do so.

The book’s publisher says that it is, “A comprehensive guide to psilocybin mushrooms and their impact on our psychology, biology, and social development. … Blending the selected experiences of nine people’s transformative experiences, his own psychedelic awakening, and the most comprehensive synthesis of psilocybin research to date, Khamsehzadeh’s Psilocybin Connection moves our understanding of the psychedelic mushroom forward toward a fresh, hopeful, and exciting future.”

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  3. Greetings from Quebec, Canada!

    This book is a great amalgamation of current research, presented in a professional and concise manner. It’s great to see that time, effort, and money are being put towards furthering our understanding of mushrooms, but I want to see more studies done on microdosing in specific.

    Kudos to you Mr. Khamsehzadeh, and thank you Lorenzo for bringing him on

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