Podcast 674 – Cannabis Science & Business


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Guest speaker: Robb Flannery   


While going through cancer treatment, Dr. Flannery’s mom sought recommendations for safely medicating with Cannabis. Dr. Flannery’s unmatched expertise in the field and his absolute vigilance for his mom’s health created the most stringent standards – no applied chemicals, no pesticides, and no additional risks of being harmful to his mother.

No products matched his high standards for his mom, so Dr. Flannery decided to make his own clean product. And in doing so, Dr. Robb Farms was born with a mission to make products with care, for the people we care about. (https://www.drrobbfarms.com/)

Topics include cutting edge cannabis science; legalization and its impact on the cannabis business; corporate influence on cannabis; and the future role of cannabis in society.

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