Podcast 672 – Psychedelic Filmmaking



Date this lecture was recorded: September 30, 2021

Guest speakers:
Clement Hil Goldberg and Charles Costas

Today’s podcast is a conversation from the live Psychedelic Salon featuring Clement Hil Goldberg, the writer, director and animator behind the upcoming sci-fi comedy Let Me Let You Go. We talked about how mushrooms can save the world, stop-motion animation, Bett Williams’ The Wild Kindness and contemporary psychedelic literature, non-human agency, queer culture, psychedelic capitalism, and how psychedelics can inspire a new future for art, poetry, and music.

Clement Hil Goldberg is a queer and nonbinary trans, award-winning Multidisciplinary Artist, Writer, Director and Animator. Their satirical yet hopeful projects center collective grief rooted in climate crisis, cultural erasure, displacement and end-stage capitalism. Their work has been exhibited at REDCAT Theatre, VORTEX Rep, Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive and the Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Art at U Penn, Anthology Film Archives; CounterPulse, Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, SOMArts, Luggage Store Gallery, Artists Television Access, all in San Francisco; and over 50 international film and arts festivals including Frameline, Outfest, MIX NYC, Hamburg International Queer Film Festival and Cleveland International Film Festival. Clement received an MFA in Art Practice and a Graduate Certificate in New Media Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

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