Podcast 671 – “Vaping DMT and 4-AcO-DMT


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This is a recording of one of our recent Live Salons. While we sometimes have guests who bring specific levels of expertise to our salons, most of the time we seem to be able to have in-depth conversations without the “experts”. This was one of those nights.

I began our discussion thinking that vaping DMT over your lunch hour wasn’t a great idea, but after learning more about vaping DMT I changed my mind, not about doing it over your lunch hour, but about vaping DMT in general. As it turns out, there is a lot more to this new trend that I realized. Also, I learned enough about 4-AcO-DMT to thinking that this is something I’m going to try. If you aren’t already familiar with it, this discussion should be of interest to you as well.

Here are the links from chat to books and other things that we talked about:

Owlsley & Me: My LSD Family

The Rose of Paracelsus

LSD & The Mind of the Universe

Hush Pipe Battery

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    Transdermal use of DMT and dipropylene glycol solution for pain relief. (For more information about this compounding technique please refer to my post below.) It is a mix of 1 gram of dmt freebase to 10 ML of DPG LO+ This can be left for awhile to dissolve or heated for about 10 seconds in the microwave.

    I recently had my back start acting up because I strained it trying to crack a friend’s back by lifting them up. It was so painful I could barely sleep. I had an amazing discovery that I think you all would find extremely valuable. I was sitting there in wincing pain today and I remembered from this podcast it mentioned that DMT could help with neurological issues. (I have spinal stenosis/ arthritic processes and have had an l4-l5 lamenotomy.);

    So I figured I would give it a go by rubbing some on my spine and it really helped alot. I am reasonably sure this method has never been tried by anybody and it could offer a lot of relief to people. This method has worked better and than anything I have tried including Cannabis. (DPG can also be mixed with cannabis distillate. I use 10 ml to 1 gr of distallate heated for about 10 seconds in the microwave)

    There was actually enough transdermal action that I had the mouthfeel I get after vaping this.

    Please give this a try and share with your friends: there has been a win for psychedelic science today!

    This is also a good option for people who have to face drug testing since DMT does not come up on any drug screen. Please try both above and enjoy.

    Keep the faith and stay high.

  2. Hello all! Thanks for the great episode. The turn on to the book LSD and the Mind of the Universe was a great listen. I cheated and got the audiobook that is read by the author. Most of us barley leave the shores of reality but Bache went into the deepest parts of the psychedelic ocean and found an unexpected beauty. His journey is captivating and sheds light on several issues beyond the typical LSD experiences. His return or decent from the mountain after would be a great follow up to this book if he is able to apply in life or if his beloved comes for him first.

  3. i just remembered an incredibly funny quote by dr. tim and quoted by terence mck.
    lsd is a substance that occasionally causes psychotic behavior in people who have not taken it.

  4. I find the Ccell palm to be a excellent battery for vaping DMT. It’s a auto draw so there is no need to push any buttons, simply hit and hold.

  5. Hi! I would like to share my research in this area after listening to this podcast, so I am gonna cut and paste this article I wrote on DMT NEXUS for you. I made a couple edits that I noticed. I hope that this technology brings you into a more current place with vaping technology as these pen style devices are basically second generation devices (ego device, clearomizer) gen 1 was a cigalike..

    Please feel free to reach out via my email if you have questions etc..

    It is my life’s work to provide useful information to others that they can utilise to make better decisions and that reigns supreme over any proprietary interests I have with my technology.. Dipropylene Glycol is a great place to start and can easily absorb a gram of medicine be it cannabis distillate or DMT, the former can be vaped or utilised as a topical or beer additive.

    The thing I kept getting from the talk is that a pen style vape is sub-optimal at best for utilising DMT, this method allows for utilisation of sub ohm tanks/ rdas on multiple 18650 box mods. I have a DOVPO TOPGEAR mod and have tested this formula in temperature control RDAS and various tanks successfully- most recently a GEEKVAPE ZEUS tank and a GEEKVAPE TSUNAMI RDA with temperature control.

    I am glad to help you Lorenzo feel young again and I can assure you that there are indeed multiple community members with “quantum driving” experience in Oregon and I say this from an experiential frame.


    A clear liquid drips into a shot glass containing some yellow crystals. “I think it’ll be about 9 ML” says my friend eyeing me from the corner of my kitchen. For the past few minutes we had been carefully titrating in some DPG into this material and zapping in the microwave to find out the maximum concentration that will stay in solution.

    This is the story of QV.

    I had been experimenting for awhile to make a viable cannabis based vape
    Juice using dipropylene glycol (DPG) and the final result was only about 3 percent solubility- which left something to be desired but very good for topical application. I chose DPG because of it’s safety profile, higher solubility and slightly higher viscosity when compared with garden variety PG.

    “I think I’m gonna have a go.” I sat down by the mountain stream and added 15 drops from a bottle into my RDA, then took a few deep breaths to centre myself.

    I pressed the button inaled deeply. As I held my first hit the sound of the water seemed to increase. I exhaled and took a deep breath then pushed the button and inhaled deeply again. The sound of the stream was now a rushing torrent. I exhaled and immediately took one more toke. The water was cascading into a small pool and it began to look cloudy and roiling. I closed my eyes.

    The sound of the water turned into music and the music turned into a living being. The spirit of water. I wanted to stay there forever with her and be loved.

    Then I left my body. I had become omnipotent, I looked out over the landscape across 2 rivers. I recognised this- this isn’t some other dimension- I was above my body floating thousands of feet in the air.

    I have been watching various threads about vaping DMT and it looks like I might have on one of the better juice making teks. Here’s the full strategy to achieve burnt corn chip bliss.

    For every gram of DMT use 10 mls of DPG. It’s hard to find the highest quality version, I import it from a certain Canadian soap making supplies company. It needs to fit the specifications of DPG LO+ (99.7+ Dipropylene Glycol for odour sensitive applications It’s advertised by DOW as the perfect solvent for all your plant extract products like essential oils.

    I usually take 3 grams of DMT powder and add put 30 mils of the DPG in a small HDPE lab container purchased from an outdoor retailer. Then place in the microwave for 5 seconds at a time. I begin swirling the mixture and in the microwave for another 5 seconds. When I’m done a small ribbon of molten DMT will still be present. A few vigorous shakes and it is absorbed. The cool thing about this method is ths does not increase the volume- I get back a solution with 100 milligrams per ML.

    The next aspect is the choice of vaping setup. Technically any sub ohm setup should work but I recommend temprature control. Setup 1 an artic style tank with atom vapes NI200 clampton. Setup 2- 4 strand 28 guage NI200 countertwist 4 wraps spaced at 3MM, cotton wick. This will read at about .03 ohms when cold; this requires a high end device powered by a chip like the Evolv DNA200/DNA250/DNA75C or DNA250C.

    The tank option is a great way but I prefer setup 2. When tuned correctly this setup will hit really hard to begin with and quickly throttle when the coil gets dry and not cause problems when dry firing. I run this at 450°f with the wattage maxed, which just lets the electronics set the wattage. Also I can add an exact amount then vape till dry- adding a bit more each tp push my limits. With a tank there is no way to do that.

    Temperature control is useful to being able to take a long steady draw and get the maximum amount of vapor without burning but it won’t work properly on your gas station vape because it’s largely an afterthought in low end devices which don’t measure resistance accurately enough to be accurate. (Temperature control is only useable with specific materials- nickle, stainless or titanium) these devices can be put in temperature control mode with kanthal but it will actually do anything.

    The liquid looks like normal vape juice and high bioavailability due to it’s hygroscopic properties. It’s also pretty smooth without a harsh taste.


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