Podcast 669 – “An Ethical Drug Dealer”


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Date this lecture was recorded: April 12, 2021
Guest speaker: Jimi Fritz

Today’s program features an audio recording of a recent Live Salon. Our guest was Jimi Fritz who told us about his 50-years of buying, selling, and experimenting with psychedelic drugs while also traveling the world. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, home of the legendary BC Bud, Jimi also was a rave promoter. He has written two books about his adventures and shares some of his stories with us in this podcast.

Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer by Jimi Fritz

Rave Culture; an Insider’s Overview Kindle Edition by Jimi Fritz


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  2. Hi! Love your podcast. I think Laura from Psychedelic Leadership Podcast would be a great fit for you to interview.

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