Podcast 667 – “A Conversation with Leonard Pickard”


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Date this lecture was recorded: April 2021
Guest speaker:
Leonard Pickard

Today’s Bicycle Day Podcast features a conversation that Leonard Pickard recently had with members of the London Psychedelic Society. After more than 20 years in prison, Leonard now is free to tell us about his prison ordeal and what his life is like today.



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  1. One good thing though about the interviewers she didn’t talk too much, which interviewers often do with very interesting guess, talking over them shortening their thoughts. I think she did a good job in this regard by giving him space to speak. I would like to see the video of this if anyone knows where I can find it that would be great!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo] I also think that Anja conducted a good interview. IMO, it was better than I could have done. Perhaps the video of the interview will be of interest:


  2. I think Anja did a wonderful job, as does everyone else. She is the co-director of the London Psychedelic Society, which, speaks for itself. She has hosted many notables, and is well loved.

  3. William Leonard Pickard is a living legend. What a shame to have him interviewed by someone with such poor technique, the woman hadn’t even read his book which is just embarrassing. Thankfully he is a fucking legend and carried the podcast despite this unfortunate interviewer

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