Podcast 665 – “Psychedelic NFTs”


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Date this lecture was recorded: March 8, 2021
Guest speakers: Various

This is a recording of a conversation that we had on a live salon the other day. It’s about Non-Fungible Tokens, the NFTs that have been making news lately

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  1. Hi and thanks Lorenzo for posting this. Because of your podcast I just stumbled upon a Cryptovoxels virtual world on Ethereum blockchain. It’s so awesome.

    So I was wondering are there any news about your own NFTs? 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo] I’m in the process of designing and writing a series of NFTs about the salon. They will all be 3-5 minute MP4s in four categories: History, Conferences, Festivals, and Elders. My objective is to save the salon’s stories in a blockchain. Anyone who owns a single token in any category will have permanent access to all of the MP4s in that category as I post them. At least this is my thinking right now. I probably won’t drop any until summer.

  2. Hi Lorenzo,

    As an artist, I found your podcast on NFT’s very interesting. Having no knowledge about how blockchain technology works or where to even start, the information on the internet and the language used is extremely confusing.

    Would it be possible to put me in touch with one of your guests who could assist in this matter? I look forward to your next podcast on this subject.

    Thank you,


    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Margot … I wish that I could help, but the young man on the podcast who was so helpful is no longer responding to my emails. I haven’t heard from him in several weeks. So, I’m in the same situation as you … reading what I can on the Web and trying to figure it out.]

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