Podcast 660 – “Celebrating Timothy Leary’s 100th Birthday”


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Date this live salon was held: October 22, 2020
Guest speakers: Rio Hahn, Michael Shields, and Ron Turner

Today’s podcast features a recording of a live salon in which former friends and associates of Dr. Timothy Leary shared their remembrances of him on the occasion of 100th anniversary of Dr. Leary’s birth. Among other first-hand accounts, we learned the truth about why Timothy decided at the last minute to not have his head frozen after he died.

Archive of Timothy Leary talks
on the Psychedelic Salon

Lorenzo’s Days as a Drug Dealer
Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate

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  2. A historic recording. I sure hope this archive Lorenzo has created survives him in an accessible form. I think I’ve heard Lorenzo mention that he has made “arrangements.” Of course, there’s no reason why Lorenzo himself isn’t around on his 100th birthday.

    The fellow in Morocco was speaking too close to the mic – or something. I could understand only about 50% of what he said. COPD comes from obesity and smoking primarily, so let this be a reminder to the rest of us.
    There were so many snippets mentioned during this conversation that could have led to so many fascinating directions. If Joe Rogan can do 3 hours, why not the Salon?

    Thanks Lorenzo for another historic get-together.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Every podcast from the salon is backed up at the Internet Archive (archive.org). There you will also find other formats in addition to MP3. And there data is backed up on three continents. I make a donation to them every year.]

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