Podcast 658 – “Legal Questions and Answers”


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Date this lecture was recorded: September 28, 2020
Guest speaker: Gary Smith

Today’s podcast features attorney Gary Smith who has just published a major compendium of drug laws in the United States as well as in several other nations. In this wide-ranging interview, which took place during a live session of the Psychedelic Salon, you may be surprised at what could happen to you if the federal government finds both cannabis and a firearm in your home. Even if you have a doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation and a licensed firearm you have committed a felony.

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One Comment

  1. Hi Lorenzo, thank you for this important podcast. Gary Smith is extremely sharp!

    Gary’s working hypothesis (introduced around 38:30—start around 34:42 for more context) that evidence of early Christian psychedelic practices could be used to support an argument that modern Christians have a religious birthright to experience archaic forms of their own religion under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is fascinating.

    I strongly feel that Gary should get in touch with Brian Muraresku. After 12 years of research, Brian recently published a book (“The Immortality Key”) that thoroughly explores evidence of early Christians using psychedelic sacraments. Gary and Brian could share notes for their mutual benefit and for the benefit of society. Their research interests overlap significantly!

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like me to help with attempting to connect these two great minds.

    Chad Timblin

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