Podcast 657 – “Psychedelic Law and Terence McKenna


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Guest speakers: Gary Smith and Terence McKenna


Today’s program features a collection of short Terence McKenna sound bites that may have some relevance to life during today’s pandemic. Additionally, I have included four brief answers to legal questions by Gary Smith, author of Psychedelia Lex and next week’s guest in our live salon.

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  1. As Terrance would say, “worship the weird”.
    We appreciate the podcasts greatly and would like to make contribution in donation of further weird worship. Please do not hesitate to collaborate with our creatively weirdness here at http://collaborate.cannalinx.org we would love to participate as well as finding additional participants for regular weirdness.

  2. Can I request more Terence content? or do you have a link to an archive or something of that sort?

    Mush love,


    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: The recordings that I still haven’t posted are now in storage because I had to move to a smaller place. I’m hoping to get my things out of storage next year. Until then, I’m at the mercy of our fellow saloners sending me new recordings.]

  3. The deliberate legalistic brick walls around drugs and natural medicines your lawyer guest describes remind me strongly of: “The more powerful the microscope the farther up your a*se you get” – a response of stupid monkeys driven by fear and greed.

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