Podcast 655 – “Datura Tips from a Psychedelic Sailor”

Guest speaker: Rio Hahn
Rio Hahn
Rio Hahn


Date this lecture was recorded: August 13, 2020

Today’s program features a recent conversation in the live salon with Rio Hahn. He is an explorer, photographer/filmmaker, and author. Popularly known by the sobriquet “Rio,” given to him during his Amazon River explorations. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; a founding and life member of the Rainforest Club; a Fellow, two-term Director, and past Ombudsman of The Explorers Club, as well as serving three terms as Chairman of the San Diego Chapter. He is the recipient of five Explorers Club Flags, a licensed sea captain, an open water diver, and a founding member of the International Society for Ethnopharmacology. And I should add that he is a friend of mine.

I invited Rio to the salon to tell his stories about the time in the Amazon when Terence and Dennis McKenna joined Wade Davis on the RV Heraclitus for their now-legendary meeting in the jungle. However, the high (no pun intended) point of our conversation was his in-depth discussion of datura. This is the first time that datura has been discussed in the salon.

Sawmi’s Sacred Plant
A Report of Unprecedented Datura Use in Nepal
by Robert “Rio” Hahn, FRGS, FN’86

RV Heraclitus
Owned and Operated
by the Institute of Ecotechnics

Spaceship Earth

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  1. Thought of rätsch as well 🙂
    and is tjere not another mckenna talk where he describes the effects of scopolamin like a hypnotization used by criminals to lure their victims into going to their bank and withdraw all the money they have just to give it to the ‘daturadominator’?!
    -Love from Germany

  2. From most things I have heard the Datura trip is actually a bad case of poisoning. I don’t know if its such a good idea to promote it in the salon? A quick search of youtube will bring up some fascinating but also life destroying Datura encounters. This is not a psychedelic, but a deliriunt and I would urge caution before trying. Even McKenna himself had no good words to say on the use of Datura.
    Anyway on a brighter note, is episode three of the Rose of Parnassus ready to go yet? That’s what were all really waiting for! Keep up the good work Lozza mate!

  3. Is it really the first time datura was mentioned in the Salon? I thought Christian Ratsch mentioned it in the context of anal sex here, long ago and far away.

    [Comment by Lorenzo: Even when I was younger, I couldn’t have remembered that far back and in such detail. I guess that you are referring to his talk in podcast #12 from back in 2005. YOU are a Super-Saloner!]

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