Podcast 653 – “We Cannot Have a Pacified Movement”


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Guest speaker: Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver


If you only listen to one podcast from the Psychedelic Salon, I hope that it is this one. While these podcasts have been focused primarily about preserving talks by our elders and promoting the ideas of our “new elders”, today’s podcast is different. Between the covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations we have a lot to consider, and we have some serious decisions to make. Of all the people that I know, the young woman whose ideas you will hear in this podcast, Nikkita Oliver, is the one person who I would follow unhesitatingly into our shared future. She is highly intelligent, a great poet, and a leader that I believe we can trust. After you listen to this podcast and hear her Convergence speech from 2019, her TEDx talk in 2016, and her poems, I hope that you will feel the same way.

Nikkita Oliver’s Twitter feed

“Building People Power”:
Nikkita Oliver on Seattle’s Extraordinary Protests and What Comes Next

Seattle People’s Party

Podcast 599
“The Psychedelic Hospice Movement” by Lorenzo

8:46 – Dave Chappelle


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  1. The sad thing is how obvious that Mike and friends did not hear this, cannot hear this eloquent and poetic attempt to let us in to a place where we can see and hear what we have shut out, constellations of wisdom and love embedded in our common bruised sky.

  2. Talk about projection and attacking straw enemies. Mikes critique is really just a personal rant telling oppressed people to shut up because life is not fair and murderous settler colonialists are the dandiest thing the planet ever did and we should all be thankful for all their wonderful buildings. The truth is simple. He can’t stand listening to someone who doesn’t buy into that shit and who sees our need to free this culture from the heavy chains of hate that are killing the planet. He also can’t stand that Lorenzo posted this.
    I just want to point out a revealing fact to consider in regard to his hate of attempts at justice through socialism. The Country in the Western hemisphere which has handled the Covid crisis with most success, having kept deaths per million to 7.7 is Cuba. In the US it is 512 deaths per million. So fucking advanced. The next best country is Venezuela at around 9 deaths per million. Cuba has also sent doctors to many other places in this crisis.
    All these western hemisphere countries started as colonies of powerful empires and have had to struggle to free themselves sometimes many times over as new despots arise. Sometimes in the struggle with an enemy we become like the enemy, so it seems to me has been the course of America, becoming one of the bloodiest empires of all. Never too old for another revolution toward justice, never too late to stand for peace.

  3. While comments are still generously left open by Lorenzo, let me introduce a life that really does matter. If a list were created titled “Worst City to be Born In” exists, Mogadishu would surely be at or near the top.

    Some of Ayyan Hirsi Alli’s life is touched on by the UK’s The Independent. Second link.



  4. …”was neither to recruit members nor to mobilize troops for the achievement of specific goals…” Disappointed that this place has become overtly politicized. The “We cannot have a pacified movement” podcast is just that. It’s your website etc., but I came here to listen to explorations and not politics [yes I know Mckenna and others have that embed in their talks, but this talk was too much for me]. Oh well. I’ll have to be satisfied with the older podcasts instead of the new politcally directed materials. It’s a sign of the time I supposed. Thanks for the McKenna et al talks, no thanks for the contemporary politics.

  5. Dear Lorenzo,

    Perhaps, rather than call Mike’s comment ‘ignorant, odious, and hateful’ the points he made could be refuted in an open forum?

    In the UK, where we promote diversity of everything, apart form opinion, the bar for being accused of racism has been set so low that it’s made civil debate, thinking out-loud or the risk of being misconstrued incredibly dangerous.

    What sadness me the most is the high level of groupthink found in the psychedelic community, of all places.

    This sleep of reason has produces monsters who seem intent on unraveling the very fabric of society – when censorship is first tool we reach for when confronted with an uncomfortable opinion I fear were not too far from books being burnt.

  6. Dear Lorenzo,
    Kudos to you for allowing a comment you VERY CLEARLY don’t agree with. That’s how a true Elder acts.
    That said, I’m kind of sorry but I have to agree with Mike. In fact, I don’t even see how his comment is “overtly racist”. Psychedelics have never taught me Communism. They have always been about love, creativity, intelligence and individuality. Oh, and responsibility. Maybe responsibility should have been mentioned first … Looking at the destruction these mobs are wreaking while George Floyd in truth died of a Fentanyl OD I find nauseating as well. –
    All lives matter. Everything else is racist. –
    Now maybe I should actually listen to that podcast of yours …

  7. [COMMENT by Lorenzo: My first inclination was to not approve this OVERTLY RACIST COMMENT. The reason I am allowing it, however, is to display how far off the mark some people are when it comes to race. The comments below I find ignorant, odious, and hateful. I will leave it to you to come to your own conclusions.]

    I work with feral cats, the ones who are born into the unnatural environments of cities with its cars and urban coyotes and moms that often get run over while looking for scraps of food. This situation equates somewhat to Africans born into some bush village in the Congo or some Indian (sub-continent) baby born into the lower castes. Life isn’t fair, especially for our fellow creatures who we scrape in ever-dwindling numbers from the seas and raise in ever-growing numbers for the slaughterhouse. Life has never been fair since we left our nomadic way of life. Of all the different organized ways of living developed since we settled into an agricultural mode of life, what we’ve arrived at the U.S. is the one that’s worked the best, despite it’s excesses and faults. These shouting and marching robots must know, as you and I know, that isn’t fair, but for the those with at least a few brain cells there are constructive ways to change and improve their predicaments. Many, many do. Newborn kittens with a dead mom aren’t so lucky.

    These people you are promoting are wanting to equalize everything and everyone. Equity – no matter what. We’ve seen how that works in the USSR, Cambodia, the Cultural Revolution, Cuba, etc. These mobs in the streets are trying to de-fund police, dumb down STEM until black people are wearing the white coats, whether they know how to use a particle accelerator or not. They insist (and have been successful) in dumbing down academia and are actually focusing now on STEM – the very tools that improve all of our lives. They’re claiming the Enlightment was a racist movement since so few black people were living in Italy.

    These under-educated and/or mis-educated radicals in the streets and holed up in Seattle – even the ones born into the worst situations – have every tool modern society can provide them should they have the impetus to use them. Nature doesn’t provide for abandoned kittens, nor for those babies in Bangladash born with AIDS or some deformity. This political structure we have in the U.S. has done more to make up for the deficiencies of Nature than any government in history yet the only coherent theme of these people are to #StopStem, #StopAcedemia, #Stop Everything, particularly if you’re white. Despite the inequalities in our society, these goldilocks whingers have enjoyed more opportunity to improve whatever lot they were born into more than any kid in a Zambian village or ghetto in Bangladash.

    The indignation of these snowflake, ill-educated mobs is actually nauseating me. I’m so disillusioned that you feel they are somehow justified in tearing down a system which, certainly not perfect, is the envy of most every other country on the planet. By Nature, IQ’s are not distributed equally. Opportunity is not distributed equally. Life is not distributed equally. It’s many times more fair for them here in the U.S. than if they’d been born in Bangladash or the Congo though. They have more opportunity to change their situation, through programs, grants, access to the web, or just plain bootstraping, than in any other country on the planet yet, like the Red Guards, in their mob frenzy they can only think to tear things down, especially if they’re owned by whites. Even the whites in these mobs want to tear down the whites. And you want to cheer them on?

    I don’t like the clown in the White House any more than you do. Nor do I like the Alzheimer’s-case being fielded to oppose him this election. That’s all a topic for another place. I’m so surprised to see you don’t seem to understand that these destructive kids (for the most part). At bottom of it all, the fairness of life is something we all have to come to terms with best we can. Since they can’t grasp that concept, they rant and burn property and wish to bring down the palace with the attitude of “If I can’t have it, no one can.”. This is infantile raving. Humans have the capability to overcome whatever impediments we’re born with. Obama was a great example. That these coddled revolutionaries can’t grasp the basic and universal truth that we are as much a part of Nature as the abandoned kittens and have no more right than the kittens do to be born equal. If the kittens are fortunate they’ll be found and nurtured. Many won’t be. Humans in this country, no matter what their color or station in life, are far more capable of surviving such odds. What these mobs really are demonstrating is that we are not all born with equal intelligence. Burning down other peoples’ property while they build none for themselves is not a winning strategy and does not bode well for anyone, nor for the kittens and other abandoned and tortured animals to whom helpful attention can only be given when we have a stable, prosperous society.

    I’m only a few years behind you. You know better. I don’t understand the reason for this podcast of yours. You’re not interested in bandwagons I know, so your behavior is a mystery.

      • No. The “Alzheimer’s case” should be pursued before he delays or invalidated election results. It should not be for election purpises, but for removing him beforehand. I think he is also likely to declare martial law over a situation in Seattle that he is provoking himself. Thankfully I didn’t need to read anymore of the rant, I know directly addressing Mike is pointless, he seems to be mentally ill. I did want to take the time to address “Vanessa”, who I think probably a puppet and not a real person, although s/he might just be a delusional “useful idiot” as Stalin would term it. How pitiful that you have nothing to loggerheads a mindless agreement. This actually was going to be the first podcast i listened to here, then a read these comments which remind me of the young American Nazi i encountered who said “entheogens are very Aryan, but no other drugs”. Apparently many Nazis think alike.

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