Podcast 650 – “Remembering Queerninja on 4202020”


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Guest speaker: QueerNinja

The DopeTribe - Podcasting Pioneers

The DopeTribe
Podcasting Pioneers


Today’s podcast, which is being released on 4, 20, 2020, is dedicated to and in tribute to our dear friend Queerninja, who departed this little planet earlier in the year. The Ninja was one of the early pioneers of podcasting, and he hosted one of the first music podcasts on the Internet. It was called “The Sounds of World Wide Weed”, and today’s podcast features a replay of the final program in that podcast series. To lighten the mood a bit, today’s podcast ends with Ron Shock’s “Best Damn Dope Story Ever.”


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A Tribute to Queerninja:
Dopefiend Quarantined 005

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  1. Queerninja’s show is awesome. My first. Are his shows still available? Thanks for bringing great things to your podcast.

  2. Queerninja was a bright spot in a bright time in my life. I have such fond memories of his show, his voice, and his laugh. And I still say “Eaaasy man.” Thanks Lorenzo for turning me on to The Sounds of World Wide Weed and the rest of the Dopetribe. Thanks Queerninja for the peace and happiness that you shared.

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