Podcast 647 – “Why Burning Man”


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Guest speaker: Android Joines


This Palenque Norte Lecture was recorded at Burning Man in August 2019.

“Burning Man is like a handicap Olympics for art. Everybody gets a medal. There’s no bar at all. The bar went away. Anything fits in. And we realize the handicap that all of us have in common is that we have the handicap of our trauma. Because it’s our trauma, I believe, that is one of the unifying factors that brings us out here. Healthy people don’t go out to the middle of the desert, to go do drugs, and get naked with other healthy people.” –Android Jones

Android Jones Website

An experience by Android Jones [ DMT Simulation ]

Dr. Bruce Damer performing
“Fire In The Sky” with DJ DISSOLV on music &
Android Jones live painting on two LED screens on the
Lucent Temple of Consciousness stage at Lightning in a Bottle, May 28, 2016

Shpongle – Android Jones Visuals
Shpongledroid Tour in New Orleans on 11-23-19 at Joy Theater


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  1. please… no. rich people taking drugs and having sex in an artificial “paradise” (based on white male thinking) while the less fortunate starve, struggle to avoid prison/death, etc, is shameful.

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