Podcast 646 – “Big Tech Needs A Conscience”


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Guest speaker: Corey Doctorow

Corey Doctorow

Corey Doctorow


Date this lecture was recorded: August 2019

[NOTE: All quotations are by Corey Doctorow.]

“What like-buttons mainly do is collect data about you.”

“If you know something about people, you can lie to them better”

“In a walled-garden that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about spying on you. It’s about locking you in and charging you extra.”

“Amazon is basically pursuing a strategy to turn themselves into a part of the state, into an arm of law enforcement [by providing doorbell camera footage to the police].”

“We’ll never be able to make Big Tech behave. The only way to make Big Tech behave is to make Big Tech small.”

“Tech is the tool we use to fix the other problems.”


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