Podcast 635 – “The Birth of a New Humanity” – Part 4


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Date this lecture was recorded: October 2, 1992.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]>

“The horrible thing about UFO-people who claim contact is that the aliens they present to us are so incredible mundane. [They are] so much more mundane than what you would encounter on a DMT flash. They’re just like the neighbors next door.”

“With alien intelligence the trick is not to find it but to to recognize it when it’s in front of you.”

“Intelligence is a very slippery concept. Sometimes we can’t even identify it in the person sitting next to us on the bus.”

“I think the world is a lot stranger than we can suppose without invoking benevolent aliens who prefer vegetarian diets and who come from the stars. Why do they so fit our preconception of what they would be?”

“I think the best protection against unpleasant experiences on psychedelics is to do it with care and attention in environments that are safe and low on sensory input. In other words, you don’t take it and go to a crowded singles bar, or even a rock ‘n roll concert. If you have to combine psychedelics with rock ‘n roll, do it with low doses.”

“I am terrified of psychedelics. I never take them without a sense of sickening dread.”


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  1. I’ve been listening to Terence for a few years on this site, and this time was unusual in the length of time spent poking fun at the wider UFO / psychic thing. Which could have been a critique of any pop-clique, and didn’t address “real” sightings occurring always by otherwise credible witnesses. I think he was just skeptical of aliens being from another galaxy that travel here at whim. I believe he was more inclined and that the “other”, as we encounter it, has more likely been with us always, or else our “timely intelligent peer human”, from elsewgere in the universe, is likely separated from us by time, and therefore space. We only see a little of it.

    I love hearing Terence talk alien ancestors and am looking for the podcast where he explores around 4 explanations for the “other” found in psychedelic space, and also the “meaning of life” It got treasurably macabre. Dead ancestors. Us from the future. And…? …The purpose of life is to die. Made a lot of sense without unnecessary comfort. I forget some of it. which is why I ask here. Any help with this particular podcast?

    The other podcast I remember for being unique, is when someone asked Terence if he had any recommendations for society other than to “not worry”. Terence recommended engineering society to create females which outnumber males. I thought it funny, among other thoughts,?because that was about the only time Terence recommended anything.

    Happy Holidays.

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