Podcast 634 – “The Birth of a New Humanity” – Part 3


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Psychedelic researcher Sasha Shulgin in his lab

Psychedelic researcher Sasha Shulgin in his lab


Date this lecture was recorded: October 2, 1992.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Matter is becoming a fairly uncomfortable dimension for us to be in, and I daresay matter would probably be highly relieved to have us just move on so that the rainforest, chipmunks, glaciers, and schooling salmon can go back to doing what they do best.”

“There is no reason to expect rationality to be apprehensible.”

“A little courage on the part of these almighty scientists would go a long way toward overwhelming the fearful strictures placed on them by politicians who are trying to maintain a social equilibrium that is fairly odious anyway.”

“Mantras, with psychedelics, work like magic. Yoga, breath control, drumming, visualization, simple prayer, it all works amazingly well in the presence of psychedelics.”

“Unfortunately, these non-psychedelic spiritual techniques are very quickly co-opted by the beady-eyed priests among us who then peddle it back to us with a menu of moral do’s and don’t s.”

“I think the real spiritual frontier lies in the community. . . . We must, somehow, carry everyone with us.”


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