Podcast 630 – “Sasha Shulgin’s Sidekicks” – 001


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Guest speakers: Tania and Greg Manning


This lecture was recorded live in the salon on October 21, 2019.

Today’s podcast features what I hope will be the first of many more visits with Tania and Greg Manning. In addition to assisting Sasha Shulgin during the final years of his life, they continue working with Ann Shulgin to preserve the laboratory and other effects of her’s and Sasha’s life and work. In this initial conversation with “Sasha’s Sidekicks”, we reminisce about the Shulgins’ first Burning Man experience and the Mind States conferences. Additionally, Tania reads some of Sasha’s unpublished writing in which he talks about his relationship with Albert Hofmann, including an interesting anecdote about their favorite drugs, and Greg gives an emotional description of the peaceful final day of Sasha’s life.

Shulgin Research Institute

Sasha Shulgin’s Joke Book


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  1. Did it ever come to light who sent those cuttings of salvia from Mexico?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I seem to remember hearing it in a podcast a long time ago, but I don’t recall who it was. Maybe someone can help here :-).]

  2. To me it’s a wonderful story.
    I just can’t keep myself from actuality, that is the escape from closure.
    I love the way Sasha conducted his life but that’s it. Death.
    I would like to add a comment about L’s voice. You perhaps persist in nature long before you are gone.
    Death is an interesting experience. I like your take on it L.

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