Podcast 628 – “Investigations of Life from Origin to End”


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Guest speakers: Bruce Damer and Charlie Grob

Terence McKenna's logo, Bruce Damer's flight suit, Lorenzo and Charlie Grob

Terence McKenna’s logo, Bruce Damer’s flight suit, Lorenzo and Charlie Grob


These lectures were recorded on Orcas Island during March of 2019.]

This podcast features two interviews that I conducted last March at the Orcas Island Convergence. The first is a conversation that I had with Dr. Bruce Damer, and that is followed by my interview with Dr. Charlie Grob. Between them, their scientific inquiries span a wide range of inquiries. Bruce, with his work for NASA and his research into the origins of life, works with mega issues. And Charlie, whose human research work includes studies using MDMA, psilocybin, and ayahuasca, works with human-sized issues.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize it, but in the fifties and into the early sixties psychedelic research was the cutting edge of psychiatry.” -Dr. Charles Grob


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  1. Would be interested to hear Bruce’s comments on scientist Nick Lane’s writings on Origin of Life.
    Nick has a detailed theory involving upwelling at ocean floor spreading seams (not black smoker vents). Closely reasoned, deeply documented. See for example The Vital Question.

  2. This was a great listen. Where can I purchase the octoshroom patch?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: As far as I know, they only made a couple of them. I’ll ask Bruce if anyone is selling them and post it here if they are.]

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