Podcast 624 – “The Way of the Psychonaut”


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Guest speaker: Susan Hess Logeais

Lorenzo and Susan Hess Logeais in the Live Salon

Lorenzo and Susan Hess Logeais in the Live Salon


Date this lecture was recorded: September 16, 2019.

Today podcast is a recording from last Monday evening’s Live Salon with Susan Hess Logeais, the producer/director of a feature length film about Dr. Stan Grof. The film is titled “The Way of the Psychonaut” and presents Dr. Grof’s work with some stunning graphics and effects. Even if you are already quite familiar with the life and work of Stan Grof, I am sure that you will learn even more when you see this documentary.

The Way of the Psychonaut

Documentary project featuring
psychedelic psychotherapy pioneer
Stanislav Grof

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View  by Richard Tarnas

The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas that Have Shaped Our World View  by Richard Tarnas


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  1. What were the two books that you discussed by Tarnel or Pranel or something? Could you potentially add that info to ths show notes.

    Great show. Can’t wait to see the doc!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for pointing that out. I meant to post them earlier. I’ll put them above in the notes now.]

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