Podcast 620 – “Psilocybin and the Mycology of Consciousness”


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Guest speaker: Paul Stamets

Lorenzo and Paul Stamets March 2019 - Orcas Island

Lorenzo and Paul Stamets
Orcas Island
March 2019


Date this lecture was recorded: March 21, 2019.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Paul Stamets.]

“As we reach down and we find a mushroom, we have a Eureka moment that as we touch the mushroom we are touching a portal into an underground network of wisdom.”

“In a single cubic inch of soil there can be more than eight miles of mycelium.”

“Mushrooms had their form well before we had ours. These are ancestral organisms. These are not just miscellaneous little fungi growing on the ground. These are elders. These are ancient individuals. These are bastions of knowledge. Encyclopedic in their history of evolution.”

“[Consuming psilocybin mushrooms] would be a shared community experience. And it wouldn’t happen one time. It wouldn’t happen ten times. It would happen millions upon millions upon millions of times over millions of years. Circumstantially, you cannot deny the possibility that the constant ingestion of magic mushrooms would have an impact on the evolution of human consciousness.”

Books by Paul Stamets

Fungi Perfecti
Makers of Host Defense Mushrooms


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Mushroom Stones

Mushroom Stones

Paul Stamets' Mushroom Stones

Paul Stamets’ Mushroom Stones

A young Paul Stamets

A young Paul Stamets

Breitenbush Mushroom Festival Halloween 1999

Breitenbush Mushroom Festival
Halloween 1999

Lorenzo is on the bus!

Lorenzo is on the bus!

Microdosing Foumula

Microdosing Foumula


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