Podcast 616 – “High Weirdness”


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Guest speaker: Erik Davis


Date this conversation was recorded: July 22, 2019.

In today’s podcast we listen in on a live salon conversation with author Erik Davis, who is an author, podcaster, award-winning journalist, and popular speaker. Erik was also instrumental in establishing the Palenque Norte Lectures at Burning Man, which eventually led to these podcasts from the Psychedelic Salon. In 1999, Terence McKenna first brought Erik to my attention, and it has been a fascinating intellectual ride for me to follow his work since then. In this conversation, among several other topics, Erik talks about his new book, High Weirdness, which explores the work of Robert Anton Wilson, Phillip K. Dick, and Terence McKenna as they strode through the 60s, 70s, and into our future.

Erik Davis’ Techgnosis

High Weirdness: Drugs, Esoterica, and Visionary Experience in the Seventies
by Erik Davis


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Paul Krassner

Paul Krassner

Paul Krassner Obituary


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  1. Look up “Wyrd” on wikipedia. The warp and the weft of reality and how it is woven. The glyph/symbol from futhark is particularly nice in the 9 staves. Also…. 23=5 “The 5th Sacred Thing” = ether.
    What some may call Witches have played a large role alongside/amongst the psychedelic elders.

  2. My copy of High Weirdness arrived today! A proper massive tone, but really enjoying it so far! Cheers Lorenzo

  3. What do you think from moment to moment?
    A moment that you have changed? By being present there @psysalon. Or one thought at a time. El-Alien…

    I have achieved incredible states by just listening to this salon. My sadhana was for years just listening to mckenna.

    And btw this is real. Not your real, my real. The immediate moment of the self-expression. Don’t you think it has become more easy to live life like that?

    Just 1 thought at the time… i love Erik’s wibe but after listening a many times to him at the salon I think he is being a sort of silly in promising a lot of the post-human self.
    Just very easily 1 thought at a time.
    -a leo from Finland

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