Podcast 615 – “Exploring DMT Space”


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Guest speaker: Daniel McQueen

Daniel McQueen

Daniel McQueen


Date this lecture was recorded: July 15, 2019.
Today’s podcast features a conversation from our live salon last week with Daniel McQueen. Several weeks ago we heard from Dr. Andrew Gallimore, who co-authored a paper with Dr. Rick Strassman regarding ways in which to extend an NN-DMT experience through an IV drip. Today we hear from Daniel McQueen, who is the founder of Medicinal Mindfulness and is a leader of the extended DMT research project that is based on the paper by Gallimore and Strassman. During our conversation, Daniel described the preparation and training that is now underway as a small group of psychonaughts prepare for a systematic exploration of the state of mind we experience while under the influence of DMT.

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  1. Re government involvement with DMT, you may remember that Terence’s first experience with it -, the friend who showed up one rainy day in Berleley with the mysterious substance that set his life on a new course, claimed it had come from a barrel that had fallen off a truck – a U.S. military truck. Rumor had it that the barrel lasted for years and, in fact, may well still be around.

  2. How did you describe “Carbogen”, in terms of the percentage of oxygen to carbon dioxide?
    The Wiki and Erowid have conflicting descriptions: Wiki describes it as 95% O2 to 5% CO2.
    Erowid paper has it: 70% O2 with 30% CO2
    Which one is it?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I trust the Erowid description. However, as I recall it, Myron Stolaroff told me that they were using 75% O2 and 25% CO2. I’ll try to remember to ask Jim Fadiman the next time we talk. Jim was on the staff at the Menlo Park Institute that Myron founded.]

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