Podcast 610 – “Beyond the Medical Model for Psychedelics”


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Annie Oak and Ismail Ali

Annie Oak and Ismail Ali

Guest speakers: Annie Oak and Ismail Ali


Date this lecture was recorded: February 26, 2019.

Thanks to the new wave of research, psychedelics are poised to soon have legal medical use. MDMA- and psilocybin-assisted therapy are entering their final trials with “breakthrough therapy” designation by the FDA. But what’s beyond the medical model? Psychedelics have also long been used in personal, cultural, and sacramental contexts. Independently of any diagnosed disease, psychedelics can aid in the betterment of well people and support creative and spiritual growth. Regardless of whether psychedelics are legally sanctioned, there will always be “recreational” use in uncontrolled contexts. In a future society that recognizes these uses, what exactly do the systems look like that support risk reduction – and benefit maximization? In today’s podcast, Annie Oak from the Women’s Visionary Congress and Ismail Ali from MAPS discuss this issue.


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  1. the salon is becoming less and less inspired. this guy is full of shit. Annie’s ok but jeez this was a crappy talk. a lot of words from boring authorities. free your mind

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