Podcast 608 – “Danny Nemu and the Neuro-Apocalypse”


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Guest speaker: Danny Nemu


Danny Nemu

Danny Nemu

Today’s podcast features a conversation that fellow saloner, Lex Pelger had with the Reverend Danny Nemu, author of ‘Science Revealed’ and ‘Neuro-Apocalypse.’ Their conversation covers how Danny found religion in Japan, looked for psychedelics in the Gospels, explored the world of legal highs, and how a tropical infection changed his life.


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Danny Nemu’s Website
Danny Nemu’s Vimeo Site
Neuro-Apocalypse by Reverend Nemu
Danny Nemu’s Twitter Feed
Getting high with the most high: Entheogens in the Old Testament
Psychedelic Press Journal XXII
with Danny’s essay on racism and discrimination in ayahuasca-related anthropology

Danny’s Psychedelic Salon talk in Berlin on May 26 2019
A YouTube playlist of Danny Nemu’s lectures and podcasts

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