Podcast 607 – “Music, Psychedelics, and Magic”


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Guest speaker: Matthew Schultz


Date this lecture was recorded: May 15, 2019.

Today’s podcast features a conversation between Michael Kokal and avant-garde musician and artist Matthew Schultz. He was a founding member of the dark ambient band Lab Report, which included such diverse musicians as Genesis P-Orridge, Lydia Lunch and Chris Connelly. Schultz also invented the A.T.G. or Anti Tank Guitar and utilized this instrument with the Lab Report and Pigface. In total, Schultz has appeared on over 29 cds with 9 solo productions and 2 feature film soundtracks. Matt has also spent time in Peru working at an Ayahuasca healing center as a facilitator. He has worked extensively with Lakota and Mayan Elders for over 15 years and is a water pourer for sweat lodges. He continues to be involved in indigenous medicine ceremonies of many varieties.

More information about Matt’s art
More information about Matt’s SweatLodge
More information about Matt’s music and Lab Report

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  1. NOTE: The following comment comes from Matt Schultz.

    Thanks for rebroadcasting!! I would like to make a couple of clarifications because of course, I was nervous. 1) The book I am referring to about psychedelic1960’s culture is called “Turn Off Your Mind.” 2) Of course, WW1 was fought against the Germans and they lost. When I referred to that I was thinking that France (and all of Europe) actually lost because of the war. 3) The suicide at the aya center in Peru was years after I left and the victim was actually a facilitator, not a guest.

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