Podcast 602 – “RAW Theology”


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Guest speaker: Robert Anton Wilson


Date this lecture was recorded: Sometime in 1987.]

[NOTE: All quotations are by Robert Anton Wilson.]

There truly is no way to succinctly describe a talk by Robert Anton Wilson. This is one that you will want to listen to more than once.

“The first time I tried [ketamine] I had an experience unique in my whole life. I was absolutely convinced I was god. I have had that suspicion on occasion, but this time I was absolutely convinced.”

“I’m really not about to set up as an exponent/proponent telling people to go around trying [ketamine]. It’s a very interesting experience, but I think it’s post-graduate work for those who have already been through the more elementary courses. I don’t recommend it for beginners.”

“I think that the best way to achieve immortality is by not dying at all.”


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  1. Fantastic! I was so happy to hear this talk by RAW that I’d never come across. I also wonder if you’ve ever posted any of McKenna’s talks on hermeticism etc…off topic I guess but he spoke so eloquently about those topics too.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: If you go to PsychedelicSalon.com and check the categories you will find 14 podcasts featuring hermeticism, including four by Terrence beginning with https://psychedelicsalon.com/podcast-223-mckenna-hermeticism-and-alchemy-part-1/ ]

  2. Lorenzo,

    I’m just now reading Cosmic Trigger. Naturally, I’ve been hypersensitive to synchronicity as a result. I just decided to go back and find some old RAW talks and found this. Thanks for the cosmic giggles. Cheers.


    • Good luck on your trip through Chapel Perilous. Remember to always keep your sense of humor close. Do yourself a favor and read Cosmic Trigger 2 and 3. Then come back with an iron clad BS detector and read Cosmic trigger 1 again much later. RAW had an interesting sense of humor. Prometheus Rising is also amazing and free on the Web, as RAW wanted everyone to have the chance to read it.

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