Podcast 601 – “The Secret of Psychedelics”


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Guest speaker: Alan Watts.

Alan Watts

Alan Watts
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[NOTE: All quotations are by Alan Watts.]

“If you have a radio, you don’t only need an antenna, you also need a ground. So what happens in the world of mysticism, of psychedelic visions and so on, needs to be grounded.”

“Any law of this nature, any law that tries to enforce by the power of the state its morals, or your own business in looking after your own nervous system, is in fact an unenforceable law. And all unenforceable laws lead to blackmail and public demoralization.”

“The rule for all terrors is to head straight into them.”

“LSD is one such chemical that produces the curious effect of making you aware of the polarity of things.”


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  1. I agree with Myron
    I think Leary and the gang got into party and politics with the CIA and the greatful Dead (pun intended)
    I am Jeans nephew Donald, she is 92 now and losing her sight but her mind is still bright
    Please give her a call in Lone Pine

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