Podcast 598 – “A Conversation with Nick Sand”


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Guest speaker: Nick Sand

Lorenzo at home with Usha and Nick Sand

Lorenzo at home with Usha and Nick Sand


Today’s podcast features an interview given by legendary chemist Nick Sand, the creator of Orange Sunshine LSD. In this interview, given a few years before Nick’s untimely death, we hear him explain what led him to become a psychedelic chemist as well as the many trials and tribulations he suffered over many years of incarceration as a prisoner in the War on Drugs.

Nick Sand’s
Underground Cannadian LSD Lab

Podcast 037
“Imprisonment & Liberation Aspects of Consciousness”


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  1. It’s great that we have this interview and am grateful for it. The interviewer sure could have controlled himself a little better and not interrupted Nick.

    Interesting that he confirmed the info on Leonard Enos. I hope everyone caught that.

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