Podcast 592 – “Understanding Chaos at History’s End” – Part 4


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Date this lecture was recorded: June 24, 1989.

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Culture is a mirror of the mind.”

“What are we when we begin to take off our cultural clothing? What kind of world will be build in the pure imagination?”

“History is a kind of psychedelic trip. That’s what it is. It’s the big trip.”

“This transcendental object probably is more like a being than an object. I just call it a transcendental object to keep those issues out of it when we try to think of it as an at tractor. No, it’s a mind. It’s an organizing entelechy. It is THE mind. It’s probably the mind that you call your mind.”

“When you go into these high dose places you are seeing a local map of this thing toward which all creation moves, at least this is my take on it.”

“It’s just cognitive activity. It’s all that the psychedelic experience is. It’s accelerated cognitive activity. … I think that the glory of human beings is cognition.”

“What psychedelics lead to is appropriate activity. Appropriate activity is the way to be straight with the psychedelic vision.”

“I regard all organized religion as a plot against free thought.”

“The thing which pervades the psychedelic experience is this sense of weird, sense of closeness to a bizarre secret of some sort. I don’t even claim that the psychedelic experience should be put on the spectrum of spiritual experience, somewhere between moral rectitude and Buddha.”


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  1. The time wave is not a theory, its not even a hypothesis. Its a speculation. Time and space are not fundamental properties, as is becoming increasingly clear, they are emergent. The flow of events actually occurring are continuously shaping them. Thus an attempt at divination will always reflect the conditions at the time it occurs. Though the idea was fundamentally flawed
    the widely sensed feeling of imminent great change was realized within a few years by the rise of the current administration which seems to bear great similarity to the biblical concept of the anti-christ.

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