Podcast 582 – “Graham Hancock – Glastonbury 2016”


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Guest speaker: Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock speaking at the 2016 Glastonbury Festival

Graham Hancock speaking at the 2016 Glastonbury Festival


Date this lecture was recorded: June 2016

[NOTE: All quotations are by Graham Hancock.]

“Our governments are so determined to impose these insane [War on Drugs] policies upon us that the whole credit worthiness of government in every way becomes suspect, if it was not suspect already.”

“I discovered that the most important aspect of ourselves is not our body. That’s one of the lessons that ayahuasca teaches, that it’s not our bodies that are important. It’s our consciousness.”

“I have never regarded reality the same, since I began to work with ayahuasca.”

“Only a truly, psychopathically insane global human society would allow warfare to occur at all. The fact that war can snare us. The fact that we can be persuaded to go and kill other people in other lands should not be regarded as normal. This is deeply abnormal. It’s the sign of a society that’s gone terribly wrong.”

“Wherever I travel in the world I find that people are exactly the same. The same hopes, the same fears, the same dreams, the same capacity to love, we are, none of us, any different.”


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One Comment

  1. Without fitting into the snares of partisan politics and without bending to the overcautious avoidance of the structural realities( like war and ecological catastrophe) that demand collective action, Hancock does as good a job as I have heard recently of putting the psychedelic revolution in its proper role as a revolution against the police state mindset that has produced thousands of years of religious and cultural wars, imperial armies, destruction of forests and aboriginal peoples.
    One can sense the pleasure of the audience at hearing this uninhibited revolutionary challenge. He demonstrates that psychedelics have generated more than individual insight or personal expanded consciousness. That they speak to the biggest issues and point us away from insanity and toward a much needed global healing.

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