Podcast 580 – “Psychedelic Feminism”


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Guest speaker: Zoe Helene

Zoe Helene

Zoe Helene


Date this lecture was recorded: August 20, 2018

Today’s podcast features a conversation between Zoe Helene and Lorenzo. After successful careers in the arts as well as in the corporate world, Zoe has transitioned herself into an advocate for the use of psychedelics, ayahuasca in particular, to help us all accept women as equals in our currently male-dominated societies.

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  1. Hi p. Hersey — I was 4 years old in 1968. But that makes sense. Then into the 70’s. I remember Disco but was a tweener so I loved it. There were a few fun Country Rock tunes. Never liked punk rock much but did witness early punk kids on Queen St. in Auckland (1981) I miss the heck out of great psychedelic rock. Kinda circled back around that to that, for the most part. I do love some of the world fusion festival groove music today though. Some of it is WONDERFUL.

    Feminism has never been about burning bras to me. I do understand that at the time, burning bras was just what was needed to make a cultural statement. For me, feminism is a continuum of people fighting for women’s rights. Who knows how long ago it started? Who knows how many more decades we’ll have to fight. I’m personally loving how so many great #MaleAllies seem to get it in the psychedelic scene… so there’s that! Feel we’re making some excellent progress, actually.

    Love, ZOE

  2. 1968 bra burning, not the 70’s. I am old enough to remember all the press about it.
    The 60’s cultural revolution didn’t just abruptly end in 1970. This psychedelic trend, with all the related music started to really wind down around 1973 as we withdrew from Vietnam.
    Then came Disco and endless amounts of Country Rock. Then came Punk Rock… thank god…

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