Podcast 579 – “Meditation and Psychedelics”


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Guest speaker: Myron Stolaroff

Myron Stolaroff meditating in the morning

Myron Stolaroff meditating in the morning


Date this lecture was recorded: November 22, 1997

[NOTE: All quotations are by Myron Stolaroff

“To me, one of the really great mysteries of our time is how we can have something as valuable as psychedelics and yet have our government, and the public-at-large, have such an absolutely twisted view of it.”

“As for myself, I’m on record as saying that LSD is the greatest discovery that man ever made.”

“I have a lot of friends who are always telling me about all kinds of nutrients. Gosh, there are things that are really, really helpful. But I want to tell you that the thing that helps more than anything is a good psychedelic experience.”

Are psychedelics useful in the practice of Buddhism?
by Myron J, Stolaroff
Journal of Humanistic Psychology
Vol. 39 No. 1 Winter 1999
Pp. 60-80

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  1. Myron’s paper “Are psychedelics useful in the practice of Buddhism?” Is EXACTLY what I have been looking for: how to integrate psychedelic experience with daily life, giving meaning both to the experience and to life itself. I reckon Myron is a Guru in the truest sense.

  2. No other and no self, no self and no distinctions – that’s almost it. But I don’t know what makes it this way. Something true seems to govern, but I can’t find the least trace of it. It acts, nothing could be more apparent, but we never see its form. It has a nature, but no form.

    Hinton, David translator. Chuang Tzu (p. 21). Counterpoint.

  3. I admit that the “god” bit was rather annoying, nonetheless very enjoyable…thanks

  4. I love that bit at the end there about Love and the river/well of flowing light as love. That was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Lorenzo, this one really made my day.

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