Podcast 576 – “Countdown Into Complexity” – Part 4


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

Timewave 1995 - 2012

Timewave 1995 – 2012
Source: Fractal-Timewave.com


Date this lecture was recorded: March 1996

This podcast features Terence McKenna in a March 1996 workshop where he goes into great detail about his Timewave idea. Although I haven’t been including his Timewave talks in recent podcasts, since this series hasn’t been posted elsewhere on the Net I’ve decided to keep the entire weekend’s workshop intact. Baring any unexpected new recordings to pop up, this will be the last time that I include a Timewave lecture in the salon. However, this is one of his more comprehensive explanations of what turned out to be a not-so-great idea and is worth listening to as a way to sharpen your own critical thinking skills.


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One Comment

  1. Don’t see truth in the timewave? The I ching is just a fortune telling toy?
    Terence’s theory wasn’t even a theory and nothing happened in 2011/2012?
    What if perhaps some incarnated here actually did experience all of that and more, and are still experiencing the expansion of that continuum in full telepathic contact with Terence’s archetype and many other dream greats in the cosmic beyond?
    Well I for one can say all of this is true in my experience.
    It’s about having transferred into a parallel, multidimensional and quantum sun and additional reality. I live it every day and there are others.
    Never even heard of Mr. McKenna or the Mayan calendar till 2013.
    The only real question now seems to be…just how many worlds, how many realities are being integrated, translated and downloaded right now?….I’d say innumerable.
    This newer more clinical approach to psychedelics is very tacky.
    “Shamans” don’t waste time with getting permission from other fallacious humans.

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